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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 24, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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it's tough, frustrating but crews go out and dot best they can. >> there's no sign of the malaysia airliner that disappeared march 8th, but the search continues. a shot away, wide at the mark, into the arms of sanford with the upset. >> stanford's men's basketball team pulls off an upset at the ncaa tournament, knocking off number two seed kansas to advance to the sweet 16. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. that's a 3. good morning everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00 on this monday morning. let's get you out the door with weather because enjoy today because it's over after this. right. >> yes, spring going to be like winter. today looking like a nice day headed out the door. lots of sunshine coming our way after patchy morning fog along the coastline. otherwise see the storm clouds gathering off the coastline.
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those going to be moving in, not today, but as we head toward tuesday. clouds rolling in along the coastline. temperatures fairly mild. inland, nice and clear. 39 degrees in santa rosa. 48 in san jose. and 46 degrees in concord. this afternoon, sunshine and very comfortable temperatures. mid-70s in many of the valleys and getting near 80 degrees toward brentwood. 73 toward san jose, and along the coastline, 62 in pa as i 62 -- pacifica, check out the roads with liza. north 101 approaching 3rd 3rd street, this accident off to the right shoulder with all lanes open. you'll see this just involving a single car off to the right side. and all of the earlier roads we had in san jose, which had shut down the north 17 transition ramp to 280. that's been cleared. that interchange is now open. you can see our sensors are picking up very light traffic for south bay freeways. now, the bay bridge commute,
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getting into the city, that's not an issue so far this morning. those metering lights are still off and it's wide open at the toll plaza. in fact all of the bridge commutes are looking good. no problems for highway 92 92 heading across the san mateo bridge. b.a.r.t. trains rolling on time. no delays for the ferries, caltrains. or the altamont pass commuter. a public meeting about the use of rail lines to carry crude oil. this comes as some bay area lawmakers are increasingly concerned about safety. cate cauguiran live in bonicia where the refinely has been running. >> the advisory panel will be hosting that meeting tonight here in benicia to talk about moving this type of highly explosive oil by train. in the meantime, we know that the highly explosive fact oil is making its way to the bay
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area and lawmakers are scrambling because they say the bay area wouldn't be able to handle the disaster. last year in quebec, the same type of training that exploded, killing 47 people and level add town will carry explosive back end crude oil through richmond. emergency responders here may not be able to handle the fall out. >> the prepared spence responsiveness if something were to happen, that's where the problem is. we're back in the 1980s in the level of preparedness. >> reporter: lawmakers say in order to be prepared they need more money. senator jerry hill is proposing a 6.5 cents per barrel tax on inland oil transport to help localities prepare. if that is approved it could still take months f not years to get these crews up to par. reporting live in benicia cate cauguiran kpix 5. it carries its own risk.
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in 2007, the cost cobuson spilled bunker fuel into the san francisco bay. rescuers working through the night have not found new survivors at the scene of a massive mud slide. 8 people with confirmed dead. crews heard people yelling for help late saturday night, but the mud was so thick and deep, described as being like quick sand, searchers had to hold off until midday yesterday. >> the slide came from the north of the road here cross the development, across the street, and into this valley of trees where part of the river is now pooling. >> there are concerns about potential flooding because debris is partially blocking a river. residents still in their homes are being warned to be prepared to evacuate quickly. the governor of washington has declared a state of emergency: kpix 5 reporter kiet do following developing news.
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several shot overnight. injuries are minor but the shooter was just firing at random. >> that's right. witnesses say it didn't look like the shooter targeted anyone in particular when he started pulling the trigger. just before 9:00 last night, a car pulled up and the gunman hopped out and opened fire on the group of people standing near the corner of turk and taylor streets. one man described the chaos. >> the person got out of the vehicle, shot the people on the corner and then got back in the vehicle and sped away. when he was shooting, the people were running towards me, so i couldn't see the shooter. >> the victims were hut in the arms and legs and all were taken to san francisco general hospital. their injuries are not considered life threatening. san francisco police are still looking for the gunman, and haven't released any info yet. but witness withs say the get away car was a silver sedan. live in the newsroom, kiet do kpix 5. developing news in texas, ships are stranded there, including 3 cruise ships as an oil spill clean up continues
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this morning. a barge hit another vessel in the houston ship channel on saturday. one of the barges tanks sprang a leak, sending more than 4000- barrels of oil into the water. now, some of that oil is in the gulf of mexico. >> it did release a significant amount of oil. and that quantity of oil is not only in the galveston bay, but now as the winds and the tides drive it out, proceeding out and offshore. >> no word on what caused the accident. fog may have played a role. about 10 birds have been found drenched in oil so far, and texas has deployed a bird rehabilitation trailer to the area for quick response. the houston disaster comes as the nation marks the 25th 25th anniversary of the one of the worst oil spills in
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history. the exson valdez. a san jose police officer will be arraigned on a charge of forcible rape. jeffrey graves arrested two weeks ago. last september, graves responded to a domestic dispute, then took the woman to a hotel. at her request, he allegedly came back to the room 15 minutes later after dropping her off and raped her. she reported the incident just a few weeks later. a teenager's accused of driving drunk and causing a deadly crash in san leandro over the weekend. police a19-year-old jesus gardenas was speeding when he crossed the lane, slammed into a car head on. the other driver, a 32-year-old man died at the scene. the 56-year-old was badly injured in the crash. he was arrested on suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter. a candlelight memorial will be held for a mendocino county sheriff's deputy killed in the line of duty. ricky was shot and killed in
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fort bragg by a suspect on a why would crime spree. he was 48 years old and had been with mend see owe sheriff's department for 16 years. the vigil will be held in front of the -- front of the fort bragg justice center at 6:00. weighing in on a proposed soda tax. the supervisors pushing for it will hold a town hall meeting at 6 at st. mary's medical center. it would tax sugary drinks sold in san francisco at the rate of 2-cents per open. it would fund wreck and nutrition programs. santa clara county is looking to put out e- cigarettes. tomorrow the supervisors will consider restrictions on the use of valentine's dayer inhalers in public -- vapor inhalers in public places. a possible glimmer of hope in the search for the missing malaysian jet plane. more on this morning's
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discovery. and apple may be teaming up with comcast now, the goal of a planned partnership between the two media giants. details coming your way. spring sunshine today, storm clouds just off the coastline, get ready, more rain coming in our direction. we'll talk about that coming up. and just like that, we've got a slow commute now, for the altamont pass westbound 580 jammed up beyond the 205 interchange. that slow traffic stays with you. i'll have more tcbs traffic for you in just a few minutes. ,,,,
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th s at a . we have some breaking news out of chicago right now. train service at busy o'hare airport is at a standstill after an 8 car commuter train derailed early this morning. 32 passengers on board were injured when the train failed to stop, jumped the tracks here. police are trying to piece together exactly what happened this morning. but some suspect the train may have been traveling too fast. none of the injured passengers have life threatening injuries, though. developing news on the missing malaysian airlines jet liner. today, chinese and australian planes spotted several floating o objects in the same area of the indian ocean where satellite images have shown possible debris. tara mergener has more on the
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search. >> reporter: malaysian authorities say australian search crews spotted objects southwest of perth. >> an australian search aircraft located two objects in the australian search area, one circular, and one rectangular. >> reporter: an australian navy ship in the area attempts to recover and identify the debris to see if it's connected to the missing malaysian airlines jet. crews on a china plane also saw objects in the water. but a u.s. navy p bo sigh dan aircraft, sent to locate them couldn't find them. ten planes are taking part in the search for flight 370. crews have been hampered by difficult weather conditions. >> it's tough, frustrating, but crews do the best they can. >> reporter: on sunday, crews looked for a wooden pallet spotted saturday but found nothing. >> it was carrying wooden pallets, however, there is as of yet, no evidence that these are related to the wooden
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pallets reportedly sighted in the australian search area. >> reporter: the search for the plane is now in its third week and in kuala lumpur where the missing airliner took off from, malaysians are praying for the 239 people on board. >> the u.s. pacific command is sending a black box locater in case a debris field is confirmed. it's pulled behind a boat and it can hear the pinger down to a depth of 20,000 feet. arizona state lawmakers are pushing a bill that would gytes la motors the green light now to sell its electric cars directly to customers. the business model would then bypass dealerships all together. arizona is vying for tesla's new factory that car makers currently developing. they are considering four southwestern states for the giga factory, a battery production center. an apple commuter is reportedly in talks with comcast to provide contents through an apple tv box.
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negotiations still in the early stages, but the goal is to partnership replace cable set top boxes as they exist today and enable users to stream live and on demand shows. applements to make a -- applements to make a -- apple wants to make a deal on content as well. >> good morning to u -- you, frank and michelle. no major accidents out there. there is slow traffic for the altamont pass. that's always a busy commute. we have delays already for the westbound 580 drive from beyond the 205 interchange. it's going to stay heavy now in pockets to and through the livermore valley. once you're past livermore and heading toward dublin, it loosens up quite a bit with no delays approaching the 680 interchange. and highway 4 shows the traffic so far is looking okay for that westbound commute. just a touch of slow traffic in antioch, but really nice traffic leaving pittsburgh
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heading down the willow pass and the earlier road work, that's been cleared out. that interchange is now open. the 882, 37 interchange looking good. we haven't had any problems whatsoever for that 880 drive heading through the freemont area. the bay bridge commute is also very quiet. enjoy it. the meter lights are off. traffic wide open heading into san francisco. if you have to make the 880 commute, heading toward the oakland airport, traffic is moving both ways, and mass transit wise still in good shape. here's lawrence with a look at the forecast. we have some change in the weather coming our way, maybe getting back to rain outside. not today. going to see a nice day ahead. we have high pressure sitting outside. still some patchy fog along coastline. we see storm clouds off the coast, likely to bring rain for the bay area tomorrow. meantime, we're starting off with patchy thick fog near the coastline. giving way to sunshine by the afternoon, and mild warm
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temperatures, but wintry weather likely to make a return not only here but around much of the state. high pressure in control, though, now storm clouds just off the coastline, it's going to be a rather cold system. expecting lots of snow in the sierra nevada. traveling today, though you don't have to worry about that, 61 degrees in lake tahoe. 80s into the central valley. but as we get into tomorrow, winter storm watches are going to be posted tomorrow afternoon, and then right on through thursday could see maybe one two two feet of snow cross the peeks. snow levels at 6500 feet and dropping rapidly. today should be nice, as we get into tomorrow, here comes the storm system bringing rain to the area, middle of the day tomorrow, and turning more toward scattered showers with a possibility of isolated thunderstorms, so some unsettled air right through wednesday, and possibly thursday morning. temperatures today, though, should be nice under sunny skies. lots of 70s in the south bay. 60s toward the coastline with patchy fog. upper 70s into places like brentwood and hasn't i don't care. 69 in oakland. and 63 -- antioch and oakland.
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69 in oakland. and storm clouds tomorrow, bringing rain showers into wednesday. maybe some lingering showers on thursday morning. and this next weekend, there's at least a chance of some more rain. how about that. haven't seen the 7-day forecast all winter long like that. it's been easy! no kidding and now we're in spring, and there you go. >> and wouldn't you know it. mcdonald's is adding something new to its menu, the fast food giant is testing pastries in select city, available with raspberry or cinnamon cream cheese filling. mcdonald's is working to evolve amid increased competition. what do you think? would you try it? >> no. no, i would not. i wasn't listening, sorry. >> basically there's sweets at mcdonald's. >> u just tweeted, i'm sorry. also trending, march madness. my bracket had a rough weekend. >> you did have a tough weekend. mila is expecting a child, and
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posting a selfie with late night talk show host jimmy kimmel after appearing on the show e and talking about a couple, kim kardashian and kanye west, are on the cover of this month's vogue edition. you can follow us on twitter r. >> sometimes when you tweet, you don't listen. >> i guess. it's 5:19. the teen sci fi thriller, divergent took the top spot at the box office over the weekend. >> the film, which launches a series based on a young adult best seller, opened big over the weekend t. took in 56 million bucks. the muppets most wanted came in second with 16.5 million in sales, and mr. peabody and sherman, by the way, lawrence was at that, critique later, rounds out the top three this weekend with 11.7 million buck. >> i think he said it was good. >> okay. 5:19 right now.
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highly explosive crude oil is rolling through the bay area by train. coming up at 5:30, the new plan aimed at helping communities prepare for a potential disaster. and coming up, one of the top seeds is out. so how is your bracket doing this morning and can stanford move on to the sweet 16. tipoff is next. ♪
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we are here with your kcbs traffic. we have an accident in the clearing stages in san francisco. north 101 at 3rd street. a single car, minor injuries. you will see this off to the right side. westbound traffic headed toward the bay bridge toll plaza. still looking good with the metering lights off. i'll have another look at your drive into work in just a few minutes. okay. frank. michelle, by a show of hands, which of you had stanford and dayton playing each other in the sweet 16. i'll tell you what, our analyst, dan had half of it. >> i like stanford on the road. do you like stanford in this game. >> i like stanford in this game. i like them. they're going to have to play great. >> is what what you said when you walked into the sports office. >> he was right. jason randolph, solid from the field. connor, takes the shot that could send the game to
5:24 am
overtime, no. cardinals hang onto win 60-57. going to the sweet 16 where they have a date with dayton on thursday. wichita state will not be perfect. they missed a 3 at the buzzer that would have won the game. they are dealt their first loss of the year by kentucky. the shockers are out. randy bennett led 14-0 to start the game, and then it all went south against minnesota. see their season end, 63-55. and in australia, the dodgers jump to an early league in the national league west. la sweeps their two game set with arizona, so opening day, folks, for everybody else is just around the corner. in fact, a week from today, the a's will be hosting the cleveland indians. programming note for all ncaa fanatics. thursday, 4:15, stanford and dayton in the sweet 16 at memphis. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. stanford's a good team and
5:25 am
the big win was a big surprise for some of their fans, too. >> yeah, people at the old pro sports bar in palo alto were also excited by the win. many didn't think the team would make it this far. cardinals next opponent, dayton. >> two cinderellas, going against each other. that's what college sports is all about. i would love to see that happen. >> at this point, anything is possible. you make it to the sweet 16. elite 8. sky's the limit. >> if stanford beats dayton on thursday, they'll advance to the first elite 8 since 2001. play of the daytime, maybe the best game so far in the ncaa as we go back to wichita state and kentucky, second round, ncaa, early, throwing down some dunks right there. earnings him our play of the day. a huge game, by the way, but kentucky would have the last laugh ending wichita state's perfect season with a victory. but that guy will play in the nba. he is good. 5:25 right now. the search for survivors continues after a deadly mud
5:26 am
slide in washington state. we'll have the latest on the rescue efforts. and i'm kiet do with a brazen shooting in san francisco as a gunman opens fire on a crowd injuring 7 people. that story after the break. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kfc dip'ems! a kfc dip'ems bucket, 20 extra crispy tenders. 6 awesome sauces. i mean he's sitting still, this is kind of miraculous. ♪ live, from the kpix 5 bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. 7 people injured in a drive by shooting in san francisco, and this morning the gunman remains on the loose. it's a story we first brought you on kpix 5. highly explosive oil on its way to the bay area. we'll tell you how lawmakers are scrambling to prepare your hometown for disaster. enjoy the spring sunshine.
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we've got storm clouds off the coastline, when we expect some rain to return, coming up. >> and we have traffic backed up now for the altamont pass at west 580 commute. very slow from the 205 interchange. i'll have more traffic for you still ahead. good morning everyone. it's monday, march 24th. i'm michelle griego. >> monday, s here, hi everyone, frank mallicoat. >> following developing news out of the tenderloin in san francisco. 7 people were hurt in it a drive by shooting, and sounded like the shootinger was using a semiautomatic weapon. >> witnesses reported a wild scene last as it sounded -- last night as a gunman emptied his ammo on a crowded street. a car pulled up. a gunman hopped out and started shooting. witnesses say it did not seem like he was targeting anyone in particular. one man said it was just chaos. >> i saw the shooter shoot a
5:31 am
bunch of people. they were running, scattering, and i saw people falling. >> 7 people were hit. taken to san francisco general hospital. they suffered injuries to their arms and legs, but all are expected to survive. witnesses say the gunman jumped back into the get away, car, a silver sedan and sped off. san francisco police are looking for the gunman. live in the newsroom, kiet do kpix 5. it is our first full week of spring and in honor of that, we're getting rain. >> yeah, we go back to wintry weather guides. >> you know it's going to be freezing in some spots. this is a cold storm moving in. 1 to 2 feet of snow. for us, an inch of rain, and today enjoy it. it's going to be a dry day. lots of sunshine coming our way. you see that cold front off the coastline. that is going to be moving on shore through the middle of the day tomorrow. still, starting out mostly clear inland. temperatures are a little chilly in spots. some of the valley down to 39 degrees in santa rosa.
5:32 am
46 in livermore and concord. and 49 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon we should see plenty of sunshine, mid- to upper 70s in some of the warmer spots inland. 60s and 70s. and sunny inside the bay. cool, patchy fog along the coastline. temperatures in the 60s. rain is coming our way. of course that will affect the roadways. not today. >> not using our windshield wipers yet westbound traffic was looking good. just a brief delay, and you can see that in cash paying los angeles. the cash -- cash paying lanes. and heat 92 for the westbound commute leaving the hayward area, and the altamont pass, you know, it's been a tough commute. we haven't had any major accidents, just the usual slow traffic with the delays beginning about 30 minutes ago. west 580 slow from beyond the 205 interchange, that stays heavy in stretches approaching the dublin interchange, 680.
5:33 am
the silicon valley commute has been trouble free. you can see the green there. sensors picking up light traffic for the silicon valley, and local traffic with no delays for the bart some. that's a look at kcbs traffic. developing news in rural washington state. 8 people are confirmed dead from a massive mud slide over the weekend. cbs reporter, bigad shaban shows us crews are looking for survivors even as hope is fading. >> reporter: rescue crews found more bodies late sunday in the mess of f mud and sludge left behind by saturday's huge landslide. many others are still missing. >> i'm disappointed to tell you that after searching a very large area of that debris field on foot, we didn't find anybody alive. there was no sign of life. >> reporter: searchers worked carefully sunday, combing through muck up to 60 feet deep in some areas. the mud is unstable with the consistency of quick sand. the slide destroyed at least 30 homes in the tiny rural town of
5:34 am
oso, washington, 55 miles north of seattle. >> and this devastation in that area reminds me very much of the devastation i saw when i was in mount st. helens, 34 years ago. >> reporter: officials say the wall of sludge, trees and rocks came without warning. although there had been heavy rainfall in the area in recent weeks. >> the slide came from the north of the road here across the development, across the street, and into this valley of trees where part of the river is pooling. >> there's still concern about flooding because debris is blocking the stillaguamish river. bigad shaban cbs news, arlington washington. rescuers were able to pull 8 people out of the mud on saturday. governor of washington has declared a state of emergency. investigators in vallejo say a four alarm fire likely start instead a homeless
5:35 am
encampment. it started late yesterday afternoon. witnesses saw two men trying to stamp out a grass fire in an area where transients are known to camp. flames spread to a vacant auto warehouse on sonoma boulevard produce ago thick column of snow. they got the fire under control in an hour, and nobody was hurt. the city of san bruno is demanding answers about the deadly 2010 pg&e pipeline explosion. it's taking the state's public utilities commission to force it to turn over records. the city claims the documents would reveal improper meddling by the puc in the process to decide fines against pg&e. happening today on this monday, an east bay oil refinery will hold a public meeting about rail lines hauling crude as bay area lawmakers are increasingly concerned about safety. kpix 5's reporter cate cauguiran live in benicia now where the valero refinery has been running into a lot of opposition. >> reporter: yes, the valero
5:36 am
refinery community advisory panel is going to host the meeting to talk about the project, its environmental impacts, as well as concerns from the public. in the meantime, the highly frac explosive oil is already making its way to the bay area. it's a story we first brought you on kpix 5. lawmakers are scrambling because they say the bay area would not be prepared to handle a disaster, should something go wrong. last year in quebec, the same type of training that exploded, leveling a town will carry explosive back and crude oil through richmond: emergency responders here may not be able to handle the fall out. >> the preparedness and the responsiveness if something were to happen. that's where the problem is. we're back to the 1980 198s in the -- 198 1980s in the level of preparedness. they are proposing a tax on inland oil to help localities
5:37 am
prepare. if that is approved it could take months if not years to get these crews up to par. reporting live in benicia, cape cape -- cate cauguiran kpix 5. it carries its own risk. back in 2007. the bus a, n filled gallons of bunker fuel into the bay. state lawmakers want to reverse a law that requires restaurant workers to wear gloves. that law went into effect in january. workers say wearing gloves is unmessage and even unhygienic. employees will forget to switch gloves or wash their hands. lawmakers are hoping to repeal the law and make it more flexible. 41 other states require gloves when handling food. california lawmakers are pushing for water storage across the state in light of the historic drought. government agencies have been studying five projects for two decades but so far they have nothing to show for their
5:38 am
efforts. california's congressional delegation is trying to pump life into the process. they have proposed bills that would authorize a number of projects, including raising the level of the dam, the statest largest reservoir. thousands of university of california hospital workers will not be walking off the job today. union official says they reached a four year contract with the university to avert a planned strike. they say the new deal includes wage increases, health and retirement benefits, staffing protection and pension reform. some big do ins business wipe. cupertino's apple and comcast might be joining force. >> jill wagner joins us live with more from cbs money good morning. good morning, frank and michelle. app and will comcast are in talks to offer joint streaming television service. comcast, the nation's largest cable provider r would give special treatment or faster speeds for people using an apple set top box. apple would let users stream
5:39 am
live and on demand program stored in cloud servers. here on wall street, the dow fell 28 points on friday. the nasdaq finished down 43. gas prices nationwide are on the way up. according to the lundberg survey, the average cost of a gallon of regular gas rose 5- cents in the last three weeks to 3.56 a gallon. the average price in san francisco, much higher than that $4 a gallon. analysts say one reason for the increase, more refineries are switching over to summer blend gasoline, which is more expensive. frank and michelle, if only we can get the summer weather, at least in new york. >> you have another big storm coming your way, don't you? >> it never ends. >> this is kind of cool. there's an app you can use to avoid certain people in your life. how does that work? >> that's right. you can call this the amendment social net work. -- antisocial net work.
5:40 am
it helps you avoid running into certain people. users can set up notifications for exes, frenemies, coworkers, anyone they don't want to see. it pulls information from their four square and instagram it cans. the developer is also -- accounts. the developer is also hoping to add facebook. the big sun glasses and baseball caps isn't good enough. >> it's out the window. now you just consult an app. president obama is in europe today to discuss the crisis in ukraine. why the white house says the strategy is already working. and new developments this morning on the search for that missing malaysia airliner as search teams find debris that could be connected to the disappearance. coming your way. ,,,,,,
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a weeklong trip to europe. happening today, president obama left washington for the netherlands, to kick off a week long trip to europe. the president's agenda will be dominated by russia's control in the ukraine crisis, he's expected to gain how far allies are willing to go to stop moscow from going deeper into ukraine after annexing crimea. >> we will bring the world
5:44 am
together in support of ukraine and reassure our partners and allies in nato and europe. >> and he will hold meetings with g7 leaders today. developing news on the missing malaysian airliner. crews spotted several objects in the indian ocean in the same area satellite images showed possible debris over the weekend. the crews on board an australian plane saw two objects, the first, gray or green and the second orange and rectangular. they saw several smaller ones and no further sign of a wooden pallet spotted on saturday. >> it was carrying wooden pallets. however, there is as of yet, no evidence that these are related to the pallets sighted in the australian search area. >> the u.s. is sending a device that can detect pings underwater from a plane's blacks box. investigators need to pinpoint
5:45 am
where the plane may have gone down. we're continue to go follow breaking news out of chicago. train service at the busy o'hare airport at a halt after an 8 car commuter train derailed early this morning. 32 passengers on board were injured when the train failed to stop, jumped the tracks. police are trying to piece together what happened. some suspect the train may have been traveling too fast. none of the injured passengers have life threatenings injuries. let's get a check on the roads. >> nothing but good news at the bay bridge toll plaza. haven't had accidents or major delays. we're seeing back ups in the outside cash paying lanes. we checked with bridge officials. the metering lights are still off. fast track lanes flowing well for the drive out of oakland heading to san francisco: more traffic in the westbound direction, the red taillights you see with no delays at the san mateo toll plaza a. small one for the altamont pass.
5:46 am
you can see traffic down to 25 miles per hour leaving the 205 interchange, and that's slow traffic stays with you through livermore as you make your way toward the dublin interchange. we're going a check on the highway 4 commute where westbound traffic has been slow leaving a street in antioch. it does pick up as you make your way through pittsburgh and concord. earlier road work the the 17/280 interchange. all freeways open. no big delays. and mass transet is in good shape. no delays for the b.a.r.t. system, caltrains or the alta month, commuter express. beautiful weather coming our way. very spring conditions outside as we see sunshine all the way to many of the valleys, similar temperatures moving up near 80 degrees in warmer spots. storm clouds just off the coastline, that is going to change everything as we head in toward tomorrow. we're expecting rain to make a return. maybe on and off for the better part of the week.
5:47 am
enjoy the day today. mostly sunny, mild warm conditions. winter weather returns as early as tomorrow, and it's going to hang around for a while. high pressure in control, bringing you lots of sunshine today. this storm system a cold storm system will bring with it, not only rain here but lots of snow right up in the sierra nevada. just where we need it for our water shed. >> temperatures around the state, we have snow coming this way, 80s in the central valley. yosemite 76 degrees. 61 in lake tahoe. and 66 partly cloudy in the monterey bay. winter storm watch going up in effect for tomorrow afternoon through thursday. maybe 1 to 2 feet of snow across some of the higher peaks: looks like that snow is going to work down to lake levels and lower than that as we get into wednesday and thursday. all right, we're starting out the day, nice and dry. lots of sunshine coming our way. and as we head toward the middle of the day, storm clouds roll in. here comes the cold front, bringing rain, and turning to showers by late tomorrow afternoon. showers on and off, the possibility of thunderstorms into wednesday. temperatures should look like this. plan on highs comfortable today
5:48 am
with dry weather. 60s and 70s inside the low bay. 60s toward the coastline. sun time 7:07. sunset at 7:25. looking out over the next couple of days. first full week of spring looking winter like outside as we'll see stormy weather through wednesday: maybe lingering showers early on thursday morning, and we could see another storm as we head in toward the weekend, saturday and sunday. >> that means you have to work this week. >> that means i'll be working a lot this week. and i like it. >> we love it. did you watch any games this weekend. >> i was watching those games like crazy. >> how about you michelle, did you watch in. >> i didn't watch any but i'm going to tell you my bracket is busted. i still have two teams. >> the first week in ncaa tournament in the books, let's look at the standings, i don't know who's in first, oh, would that be me? what. >> you're doing pretty well! not bad. lawrence number two with 35. and michelle, you're back with
5:49 am
31. and liz who's off today, with 30. she's got florida, though so she's got a shot. >> there's still hope. i have two of my teams. >> i'm pretty much out of it. >> you have the two teams in the final four. >> i have florida and arizona and i arizona to win over all. >> arizona looked great over the weekend. we'll see where we go. >> how about stanford. >> who knew. >> that was incredible villanova and duke lost. that rounded out my top four. whatever. >> make sure to check for scores, video, player profiles and team comparisons. we're go to compare all week. go to >> that sums it up, doesn't it. >> whatever. >> whatever: >> 5:49. sunday turned out to be a perfect day for a run. 10,000 people decided to do just that at the city's running festival. it included a variety of events
5:50 am
for all skill levels. including a half marathon, a race for kids. it wasn't easy but we caught up with the winner of the men's division right there. >> the course was tough, you know, but the first half was the touch part, so you know, as long as the second half isn't as bad, then you're going to finish. >> organizers say the event generated $4 million in economic impact for the city. it also raised up to $400,000 for local charities. >> it is 5:50. new developments in the hunt for a notorious african war lord, why joseph coeny's days might be numbered coming up. and the firsthand look at one of nature's most dangerous creatures. that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 am
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5:53 am
let's check out your pollen report for today. yes, it looks like things are running high outside. by tomorrow, a little rain should knock that back down as we're going to see showers continues on wednesday, and then a steady climb as we head toward thursday. temperatures around the area, widening down the peninsula, going to warm things up in a hurry. 71 mount view, and the temperatures rising toward gilroy and morgan hill. high of 78 degrees in gilroy, and 77 in morgan hill. lots of mid-70s there. maybe upper 70s in brentwood, antioch, 75 in danville. 74 degrees in concord. in the north bay, still see lots of sunshine and the temperatures going to be very nice this afternoon. 78 in ukiah, 73 in sonoma. in san francisco, into the sunset, a little cool, 61 degrees. we have back ups at the bay
5:54 am
bridge toll plaza. look like a monday rush hour, traffic backed up at the 880 over crossing and the chp is reporting a new accident at highway 4 in concord. i'll have details with kcbs traffic still ahead. 5:54 now, the u.s. is sending more troops to uganda to help capture a dangerous african war lord there. joseph coney is the suspect leader of the lords resistant army. that army has killed thousands over the past few decades and kidnapped countless children, forcing them to be soldiers and sex slaves. the u.s. now sending a military aircraft and special forces to help capture coney and members of his rebel forces. 6 people are dead after jumping from a burning fishing boat into waters near a south korean island. the victims died from hypothermia. two crew members survived by emergency workers are searching for the missing captain. police are investigating the cause of the fire.
5:55 am
those go pro cameras are everywhere but this is crazy. >> a brave volunteer at a florida nature preserve got a little too close to a crocodile's sharp jaws. he wanted to get point of view video of big boy, the crocodile. this is why they call him big boy. so he grabbed his go pro camera and jumped in the water, and as you can see, big boy wasn't too happy about it. look at that. he bit right into the camera. the volunteer managed to distract the crock and get out with the video. i would not want to get anywhere near those teeth. >> who would want to jump in with a crocodile. >> this guy in florida. >> he has his own video. >> he lost hopefully no body parts. high speed action in southern california, nascar auto club race in fontana. >> a hundred though race fans came to watch and found a shopping surprise, a fully functioning grocery store was amid the trailers and rvs and the speedway, beer is its biggest seller. >> what a surprise.
5:56 am
>> gone over there, 2, 3 times a day. ice beer. >> bud light. >> that area becomes a small village for four days. no surprise there. and i'm kiet do. a gunman is on the loose after shooting into a crowd in san francisco. 7 people were injured. details after the break. highly explosive frac oil is making its way to the bay area. coming up, the new plan to help communities prepare for a potential disaster. ,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
so you made some bad decisions last night. make a good one this morning. try my... warm and flaky croissant sandwiches made with fresh egg and melting cheese.
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choose supreme or sausage. right now they're 2 for just $3.50. c'mon cody, let's get some breakfast. you drive. i traded the car for the tattoo.
5:59 am
i saw the shooter shoot a bunch of people. >> 7 people are shot in a busy area of san francisco and the gunman is still on the loose. we move a lot of hazardous materials, well over 99% of the time those shipments arrive without any incident. >> it's a controversial plan to
6:00 am
roll highly explosive frac oil through the bay area. lawmakers are scrambling to prepare for the worst. it's tough, frustrating, but crews go out and do the best they can. >> there's no sign of the malaysian airliner that disappeared march 8th, but the search continues stanford men's basketball team pulls off stunning upset knock off number two seed kansas to advance to the sweet 16. from across the bay, to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. and good morning everyone. monday is here. the weekend is over. march 24th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time is 6:00. let's check in with liza battelonas with a check on the commute. this highway 4 commute normally busy anyway, and now


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